Call me Vicki, by the way.

My seaside hometown is Kirkcaldy, Fife, where I live with my two gorgeous rescue cocker spaniels – Archie & Izzy.

My photography story, however, began in South Africa! At age 19, whilst volunteering at a nature reserve, I picked up a camera and started snapping pictures of all the incredible things I saw. When I came home I realised it had become a passion, so I bought a DSLR camera of my own and, well, the rest is history as they say!

Photography is first and foremost my hobby, so initially I was wary of turning it into a job. But as I started shooting weddings and events, I found I loved it so much that I couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather do every day.

I’m a real homegirl, although anyone who knows me also knows I’m a born explorer – the wanderlust is ever present in me! I’m lucky enough to have travelled to the far reaches of the world and captured much of it in photographs.

So, what might the future hold? I’ve already experienced amazing things, but my absolute dream come true would be to be the photographer at a wedding in Canada, my “second home”. (That’s a massive hint, by the way, folks!)

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