Yup - That's me and my man IN FRONT of the camera in Canada

My life outside wedding photography.

Hi, I’m Vicki.

I prefer dogs to humans, outside to inside, silliness to sensibleness. And if it were up to me, I’d live naked and outside, like Mowgli. 

I live in my cosy home just outside Edinburgh, with my two rescue cocker spaniels, Archie and Izzy. Now there are dog people, and there are dog people. I’m what is known as ‘a dog person’. If there was a neurosurgeon drowning and a dog drowning, I’d save the dog. Dogs are Jesus. 

I find a rare sense of stillness in nature. I’m always off on long walks through the woods with Izzy and Archie, over the hills and far away; gradually finding peace and solitude in the company of my little pups. 

Oh yeah *slaps forehead* I also have a boyfriend of 7 years, Jordan. He’s one of my top 3 best friends (he might even take the title of soul mate if Archie wasn’t around!) Naw, but I love him to bits. We never even bother going out to be honest, we’re just so content in each other’s company, just us two and “our babies”.

I love to travel. Especially around Canada, to where I’m magnetically drawn in the most soul-deep kinda way. And I actually bloody love an airport! I like people-watching, and random conversations with strangers; not just waiting for my turn to talk, but really listening. Learning about their life, hearing their stories.

And I guess that’s the reason I love being a wedding photographer so much. Because I get to meet people, share stories with them, and be a part of their lives for a little while. It’s one of the greatest honours I’ll ever have. Not just to be a part of such an incredible day, but to be the one who gets to tell the story. 


“She floated in the wind like Mufasa, and was there when I needed her like Timone and Pumbaa” 

- not even remotely a direct quote

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