Canada Weddings

There’s something about Canada that somehow just feels like home to me. I can’t explain it. 

Between my Canadian family and my Canadian couples, I’m back and forth several times a year. And every time I fly back to Scotland, I watch the ground fall away beneath me and feel like I’m leaving myself behind. 

There’s an ancient beauty here, an infectious generosity of spirit. A weight of unfathomable age that draws me in and nourishes my soul.

And as a wedding photographer in Canada, there’s nowhere in the world I’d rather shoot. The colours, the people, the epic landscapes…Canada and my photography style go together like Cheetos and BC weed. 

I offer bespoke Canada wedding photography packages, depending on what kind of coverage you’re after. If you think I might be the wedding photographer for you, have a little mosey around and get to know me a little. 

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