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You wanna know a wedding photography secret? Psst! *whispers creepily*  

“Bad influences” get all the best photos. 

You know those wedding photos you see, where every last pixel is filled with that awesomely infectious, can’t-stop-smiling energy? I promise you now…the person holding the camera? Bad fucking influence. 

So as your wedding photographer, I intend to be near enough the worst influence imaginable. The swift paw sneaking you a ‘way too early’ Jagerbomb; the mysterious hand that nudges you onto the dancefloor; the little voice saying the dick joke everyone’s thinking* 

Because that’s the wedding day you really want, right? Not a day of serious small talk and sensibly-sipped drinks. But a day where you can be yourselves, have a proper laugh, get wonderfully shitfaced, and experience the best day of your lives with only the best of vibes. 

Are we gonna have a teensy bit of camera time? Sure we are. But I promise, not only will you fucking love the photos, it’ll either be super-romantic, or an absolute fucking riot (or if you’re really lucky, a super-romantic absolute fucking riot).

*(I should say, I do have a very strict ‘no swearing or dick jokes in front of the parents or grandparents’ rule. Unless Nana’s a saucy old flirt, and then all bets are off). 

Wedding Packages

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2025/26 Pricing Guide

Package 1 


I’ll be there to capture your guests arriving and your Bride/Groom nervously awaiting your arrival at the top of the aisle. All of the important moments such as the ceremony, newlywed photographs and photos with family and friends will be covered. I’ll be there for the speeches and the cake cutting (presuming you’re having a cake, some people have cheese!)

This package includes your very own private online gallery with free high-resolution and web-resolution photographs for you and your friends and family to download.

My ridiculous enthusiasm and banter is also included 😉


Package 2 


My most popular package!

I will be there 2 hours before your ceremony to get to know you and your girls/boys. I’m going to help put you all at ease, probably make a few new besties and be the extra bridesmaid/groomsmaid you didn’t know you needed! Don’t worry, I don’t take any un-flattering make-up-free photographs (I’m not that mean!) and all tit-taping will be done without a camera in sight. Having me there before the ceremony makes such a huge difference to you, your bridesmaids/bridesmans and the Mums and Dads as you will all get to know me in the most casual and easy way. By the time you’re ready to say your vows you won’t even notice my camera, I’ll just be a friendly face cheering you on.

Of course I will also be your hype gal for the rest of the wedding day. Newlywed photos, family & friends photos, dinner, speeches and candid guest shots will all be covered with my well-known enthusiasm. I’ll be with you when you cut your cake and when you have your first dance. I’ll say a tearful goodbye approximately an hour in to your evening celebrations, once I’ve captured your guests cutting some serious cringe-worthy shapes on the dance floor.

This package includes a fully personalised 8 x 8 Fine-Art wedding photo album, a selection of luxury prints and your very own private online gallery with free high-resolution and web-resolution photographs for you and your friends and family to download.

As always, my positive hype-gal energy and love for an innuendo is included 😉

Package 3 


The Godfather of my wedding packages. The actual Don.

You’ll kick off your journey with me with a pre-wedding photo shoot to ease the nerves. This is perfect for those camera shy folks who are dreading having photos taken on the big day (always best to face your fears!) I promise once you’ve had your pre-wedding photo shoot you will actually look forward to being in front of my camera! Honestly!

On the big day I’ll be bringing a second photographer with me as another set of eyeballs to cover every angle and every moment of your wedding. That’s right, TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS! Both Bride and Groom morning preparations will be covered. My second photographer will be there up until you sit down for dinner and speeches. So while I’m getting a giggle with the group photographs, the other photographer will be capturing all of the candid moments with the other guests.

This package has me with you all day. I’ll say my fond farewells 2-3 hours into the evening shenanigans (basically once everyone is too drunk to see, or dance straight!)

As well as a second photographer and a pre-wedding shoot, this package includes a fully personalised 12 x 12 Luxury wedding photo album, a selection of luxury prints, a personalised USB of your full gallery and your very own private online gallery with free high-resolution and web-resolution photographs for you and your friends and family to download.

I’m the BHS…Woolworths…M&S of the wedding photography world.

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We want YOU, Ninja Vic!

Photo time kids, let’s go

Believe it or not, I do have a soft side. And it’s Flump levels of squidgy.

I think love in all forms is absolutely marvellous. You’re best friends who love each other so much, you never want to let go. And that’s pretty bloody special, isn’t it? 

So when it’s time for your couple’s portraits, I really wanna give you some proper time together as a couple. Just 20 minutes or so to get a bit sexy, catch up on the morning dramas, and share your “holy shit, we’re married!” moment away from the crowds. 

My portraits technique is similar to a toddler making a jam sandwich. I set up the bread; I’m after the filling. We’ll get silly, play some games, I might suggest a few things. But it’s the in-between moments I’m waiting for. Instinctive hugs and affectionate kisses, held hands and little looks, whispered naughtiness and wide-eyed smiles. That’s the magic right there, my friends. 

And whatever happens, I solemnly promise: you’ll be back with your guests before the joy leaves your eyes. 

Right, all done! *slaps arse* Now go get drunk.

Her imagination for a great picture is unreal and she goes out of her way to make sure you are comfortable and happy on your day. She really is more than a photographer, she is a ninja!

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